Voltaire design

The Voltaire Design mission is to help everyone fulfill their full potential. We believe our goal is to not only sell high-end products to our customers, but to work with each rider to craft for them a product that will help improve their riding. Kindness and simplicity are very important for us. As horse lovers, the sport spirit and nature are part of us. Finally, innovation is our daily engine.


The show trunk

The Show Trunk is a mobile equestrian equipment and apparel outlet based in Southern California. We pride ourselves on carrying top quality products and apparel accompanied by a comprehensive knowledge and familiarity with all the equipment you need to find success both in and out of the show ring.



Since 1924, Fabbri has hand-made stylish, elegant leather boots. The principal technical characteristic that distinguishes these boots from others is their adaptability: they perfectly and immediately settle and form to the shape of the rider’s foot and leg. All parts of Fabbri boots are absolutely natural, not plastic or synthetic materials that wears with extensive use.


Royal champion supplements

Royal Champion Supplements are the ultimate in scientifically advanced supplements. Our products are uniquely formulated, using all natural ingredients of the highest quality to meet your horse or dog’s nutritional needs. Created unlike any other supplement, Royal Champion strives to aid you in your quest for optimal health, healing, and performance for your equine or canine partner.